Sticky Subjects: To Invite or Not Invite

Relationships of all kinds are tricky at best, and high intensity events tend to bring out the true attributes in people. In today’s Sticky Subject we’re going to talk about how to not invite somebody to your wedding. Sounds difficult right? It can be, if you make it that way.

Let’s start with the topic of ‘dis’-inviting a person to your wedding. You really need to take this action into deep consideration before you actually do so. Did this person commit a heinous crime against you, or was there just a falling out? Tensions are high and you don’t want to ruin a relationship over a trivial spat.

There are just some people in our lives that we don’t want around on our special day. Like our third cousin’s wife’s brother; why does he have to be invited? He doesn’t. Simply say that your wedding is going to be a close family event, and that you have a tight budget to only include family. No one can argue with a bride’s budget. Same goes for co-workers that think they’re invited because they inhabit the cubicle next to you. It’s an easy way to solve a difficult problem.

Also, there’s the issue of children. If your party is going to be adult friendly but a kid-free zone, there is a chance you’ll lose a few participants. An alternative would be to have a separate kiddy area, with games set up for them to be occupied with. Place parents and children with other parents and children – the quickest way to ruin a single person’s time is to place them with a family. But back to the uninvited…

If it’s a specific family member you don’t want to attend, remember that they ARE family and there might be some major repercussions after the fact. Even if you hate your sister, at least extend an invitation. Family is forever and no matter what, they aren’t exactly going away. If that person decides not to come then all the better; but if for some reason they do, don’t let this guest cast a horrid shadow on your special day. In my opinion, at least offer.

When it comes down to it, this is your day. You decide who goes or not, but let’s hope you do it with delicacy.

Your precautious blogger,

Stephanie Baldwin

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