How Well Do You Know The Bride Game

Good afternoon, Brides!   Bridal showers are a celebration of getting married and being a bride. Every fun bridal shower needs a few games to really get your guests involved. We came up with our own version of “How Well Do You Know The Bride”. You can download the picture above and print it out … Continued

Mother and Groom First Dance Songs

We had such a good response to our playlist covering all the best Father and Bride dance songs that we knew we needed to make one for the groom and mother! The dance between a mother and child is so heartfelt and the songs really make it special. Check out our playlist and let us … Continued

Mother of the Bride Style Tips

  It’s the day you’ve been waiting for ever since your child was born, their wedding day. Your daughter or son will be dressed to the nines but what about you? Even though it is their day, you deserve to look extra special! A lot of mother of the bride and grooms are so preoccupied … Continued

The Perfect Wedding Guest List

  Wedding guest lists can be so hectic. They’re one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding because you would LOVE to invite everyone but sometimes the venue or the budget doesn’t allow for that. There’s also that problem of overbearing parents or in-laws that want to invite their 3rd cousin’s best friend’s gardener. … Continued

The Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs

A wedding is filled with so many beautiful and heartwarming moments. But one moment that takes the cake is the Father and Daughter dance that always leaves guests wondering if someone was cutting onions nearby. We asked our friends at Blue Moon Entertainment what the best Father-Daughter dance songs are. So if you haven’t had … Continued

How to Propose to your Bridesmaids

  You just said yes to the ultimate question and now it’s time to find your ultimate bridal squad. Your bridesmaids will make the stressful time of planning a wedding just a little easier by being there to support you and help you along the way. These women have made a big impact on your … Continued

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Guide: A-Line Dresses

Shopping for a wedding dress can be a mixture of excitement and dread for some brides. There are so many styles of dresses and Pinterest boards galore make it even harder for a bride to say yes to the dress. To make things easier for all you blushing brides, we are going to take you … Continued

Not So Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Years 1-5

    1st Year Wedding Anniversary A first wedding anniversary definitely calls for a reason to celebrate. It’s an important milestone for any couple to achieve. If you follow the traditional wedding anniversary gifts then the first year is supposed to be a paper gift. Now that might not sound too exciting but this is … Continued

The Hidden Meaning Behind Wedding Traditions

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This wedding tradition has been around for ages. But do you ever wonder what it really means? Take a look at this stunning infographic from Ingle & Rhode that shows all the hidden meanings from the most popular wedding traditions.   Which of these wedding traditions are … Continued