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The One Bride Guide

Volume 10, Issue 3
October 2017 – January 2018

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Editorial, Creative & Sales Director
Monica McLeod Sawyer

Graphic Designers
Ashley Drapal Rippke/Rippke DesignMonica Sawyer

Advertising Sales Representatives
Jana MacQueen
Alexa Atkinson

Social Media & Marketing
Alexa Atkinson

RJ and Jennifer Ramon

Grafiady, Mexico

Contributing Writers:
Alexa Atkinson
Leslie Castro
Omar Lopez
Britt Orzechowski
Kateri Reyes
Laura Murphy Sandoval
Monica Sawyer

Contributing Photographers:
Bellezza Photography
Bri Costello Photography
Carrie Nichols Photography
Chandra’s Collection
Chris Curry Wedding Photography
CTM Photography
Dean Fikar
Deux Boheme
Focal Burn Photography
Heidi Rae Photography
In Bloom Photography
Jenny King Photography
Jess Barfield Photography
Lone Oak Studios
MC Studioworkz
Michelle Jones Photography
Padre Ryan Photographic
Pete Garcia Photography
Sande’s Studio
Schuster Studios
Shutterlife Photography
Solo Photo
Southern Sisters Photography
The Studio
Tim Burdick Photography
Tony Martinez Photography

Cover photo: Deux Boheme
Location: Heritage Place, Rockport
Model: Priscilla Fernandez
Dress: Hayley Paige, Julian Gold
Shoes: Oscar de la Renta, Julian Gold
Jewelry: A. Kenney Jewelers
Hair & makeup: Kevin Murphy, Tease Salon
Flowers: Always in Bloom
Candle holders: Roost & Co.
Assistant: Jana MacQueen

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The One Bride Guide – Volume 10, Issue 3

October 2017 – January 2018

Cover by Deux Boheme

The One Statement & Style

4 Announcements
8 Behind the Cover by Leslie Castro
14 The One Style Picks by The One Staff

Wedding Spotlights

20 Sarah Espindola & Garrett Rother
22 Meredith Whitehurst & Nathan Robinson
24 Josh Salinas & Greg Ybarra


6 The One’s 10 Year Anniversary by Monica Sawyer
10 All About the Dress by Alexa Atkinson
18 Tim Bo Mack is So Addictive by Monica Sawyer
48 Is Your Skin Ready? by Britt Orzechowski
50 Sande’s Studio by Monica Sawyer
52 Fit Bride: Trim the Fat – Cutting Through

Sites & Locations

27 Site Finder Reception Locations
40 Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds by Omar Lopez

Tools & Lists

42 Calendar
44 Wedding Budget
46 Photo Shoot Sheet
55 The Off-White Pages Directory (this is a .pdf, also check out our online directory at www.theoffwhitepages.com)

Groom’s Guide

68 Groom’s To Do

Travel & Leisure

70 Hola Honeymoon! Fredericksburg by Laura Murphy Sandoval