Half and Half Wedding Cakes

Can’t decide on what flavor of wedding cake you and your groom should get? Well these half and half wedding cakes might do the trick. A lot of couples tend to go the “safe” flavor route when it comes to choosing their wedding cake because of their guests’ preferences. But a half and half wedding … Continued

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Autumn Teal Mood Board

Now that summer is officially over, it’s time to embrace the warm fall colors. Teal is a great color for a fall wedding. Pairing rich colors with metallic neutrals like gold and copper create a beautiful effect. You don’t have to go overboard with the metallic either. You can add subtle gold plates for your … Continued


Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

Rough diamond engagement rings are an edgy alternative to regular polished and cut diamonds rings. Diamonds that are rough are presented in the exact way that they were mined from the ground in their most natural form. If you’re hesitant on wanting a diamond engagement ring then I suggest taking a look at these rough … Continued