Yellow Wedding Dresses

The most cheerful of colors, yellow usually makes a wonderful choice for a bridesmaid’s color. But have you ever thought about it being a color for a wedding dress? Since Brides are ditching the white dress tradition, yellow seems like a sure fire choice for a stunning wedding dress. The color yellow can be bot … Continued


Polka Dot

We’ve seen countless weddings with chevron prints or busy floral patterns but what about for the couple who wants a more streamlined wedding palette? That’s why polka dots are the most underrated pattern for a wedding. This pattern can be both really quirky or subtle it just depends on the colors you choose or the … Continued


Red, Blue, Yellow Mood Board

Red, blue and yellow are primary colors that you might associate with your first day of kindergarten. But this color palette doesn’t have to be elementary. This color scheme is one that you wouldn’t think to work so well with one another! I love how all the colors complement each other so well. These colors … Continued


Effortless Wedding Hairstyles

Something that’s almost as important as your wedding dress is the hairstyle that you’re going to wear on your big day. If you’re not so sure if you want your hair down and not completely sold on a tight up do then a loose hairstyle is probably for you. A lot of brides choose loose … Continued